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Nickel, the Essential Element


Researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service at Cornell University published as series of research papers on nickel nutrition.  The culmination of this research, published in 1987, established nickel as an essential mineral element for all plants.  Nickel is an essential component of urease, an enzyme that enables plants to metabolize and use [...]

Copper Role In Plants


Copper is a highly essential component to healthy plant growth.  A majority of soils contain some levels of copper in one form or another, however, often times the amounts of copper that are naturally occurring in the soils are not enough for the plant to be able to fully develop.  Maintaining more than sufficient levels of [...]

Boron in Plant Growth


Among the major elements that are classified as essential elements for plant growth and health, there are some that receive much more attention than others in their importance to the overall growth that a plant has. Among them are those which are considered as macro elements, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur.   The reason for [...]

Potassium Role in Plants


Potassium (K) plays a very vital role in the health and growth of a plant.  It is one of the three most important essential elements of the 17 elements that are essential for plant life.  Potassium, along with nitrogen and phosphorus, is one of the six macro elements for plant growth.  Potassium plays many different roles [...]

Sexual Propagation


Seeds The uniting of the pollen (male) with the egg (female) to make a seed is called sexual propagation. The seed consists of three parts: the outer coat, which provides protection; the endosperm provides a food source; and the embryo, the young plant itself. Once a seed is placed in a favorable environment and matured, it [...]

Magnesium’s Role in Plant Growth


Magnesium is a component of several primary and secondary minerals in the soil, which are essentially insoluble, for agricultural considerations.  These materials are the original sources of the soluble or available forms of Mg.  But just what role does magnesium play in the development and growth of a plant?  How is it that magnesium (Mg) is [...]