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About Dyna-Gro

For more than 35 years Dyna-Gro®, The Nutrition Solution® has excelled in providing growers with complete, easy to use, cost-effective, liquid nutrient concentrates.  Our formulas contain all 17 essential macro and micro mineral elements which plants require for optimal growth.  The exclusion of any one mineral element will result in abnormal growth,  premature death,  and or failure to complete a full life cycle.

Complete,  simple to use,  and cost-effective is our promise to our customers.  Our complete formulas for both soil and hydroponic applications are concentrated and provide 100% of the macro and micronutrients essential for all plants.  Keep it simple with Dyna-Gro®.  You do not have to use 8 to 12 different products for one plant.  Fewer products required means less confusion and more money in your pocket.  Growers will use less,  waste less and reap the benefits of bigger and better yields because our nutrient solutions are very concentrated, which gives all growers the best possible return on investment.  While our nutrients are designed to meet the demanding requirements of hydroponics or growing without soil, they produce superior results in even the best soils.


Since 1983, Dyna-Gro® has excelled in providing growers with one, easy to use, cost effective liquid nutrient product.

Made in the USA

Thank you for growing with us and choosing Dyna-Gro® as the sole source of nutrition for fast production of flowers, vegetables, fruit, and herbs!


Dyna-Gro's formulas provide all 17 essential macro and micro mineral elements which plants require for optimal growth.


The exclusion of any one mineral element will result in abnormal growth, premature death, and or failure to complete a full life cycle.


Dyna-Gro's complete formulas are concentrated and provide 100% of the macro and micro nutrients essential for all plants.


Keep it simple with Dyna-Gro®; you do not have to use 8 – 12 formulations for one job. Fewer products required means less confusion and more money in your pocket.


Dyna-Gro® nutrient formulas are available in 8 oz., 32 oz., 1, 5, 15 and 55 gallon sizes.


Dyna-Gro® Nutrition Solutions are available in retail and  commercial sizes to meet the requirements of all professionals.


In time, even the best soil becomes depleted as plants take up available minerals.  While adding incomplete fertilizers may keep your plants alive, only a complete, balanced source of all the essential elements will produce maximum yields every grower wants.  None of our competitors have all the essential macro and micro minerals in a single or even multi-part liquid concentrate.  Why use 2-3 parts, when you can use just ONE?  No fluff or hype.

Dave Neal, one of the founders and C.E.O. of Dyna-Gro, ran across a research paper published in the U.K. in 1985 that listed a number of benefits to plants (greenhouse hydroponic cucumbers) that arose from providing the plants with soluble silicate at a concentration of 100 ppm.  Silicon is the 2nd most common element in the earth’s crust but nearly all are in the form of insoluble silicates or rocks.  Since rocks are not very soluble, in nature plants are typically exposed to silicates in soil solutions at a level of 8 to 10 ppm.  Of course, in hydroponic applications, even less is found in the typical water supplies.  Having recognized the need for need for a 17th macro/micronutrient, silicon, Dyna-Gro introduced Pro-TeKt®, The Silicon Solution®, the first soluble silicate product offered to growers.  See the product section of our website for more information on the many benefits of soluble silicon provided by Pro-TeKt®, or click below.




This year we trialed Pro-TeKt on our crop of ornamental Hydrangeas for the Garfield Park Conservatory. We were very pleased with the results. There were significant visual improvements in the quality of our finished product. Specifically, a dramatic reduction in powdery mildew which we had problems controlling in previous years with other products.

Neil Gilbert, Floriculturist : Chicago Park District and Garfield Park Conservatory
We have tested Dyna-Gro® against 7 different brands so far and Dyna-Gro® ALWAYS seems to come out on top! It just keeps getting better and better! Thanks again for your time and all your help!
BioMatrix Systems

“Here at Annie’s Annuals, we love Dyna-Gro® products!  We use GROW™ 7-9-5 on all of our nursery stock and it provides the complete nutrition that the plants need to keep them looking happy, healthy and green!  Our customers love the vigorous growth and the chubby root systems that this product helps to maintain.  The K-L-N Rooting Concentrate™ works fabulous for our cutting starts.  It improves the rooting time, promotes root growth, and helps the plants settle in after being transplanted.  We have always been pleased with the outstanding products that Dyna-Gro® offers and the amazing customer service we are provided.”

Annie's Annuals and Perennials

Dyna-Gro® is the simplest, easiest to use, least expensive, and most effective line I have ever used now that I have everything tuned. I spend hundreds less on my nutrients, spend way less time mixing solutions, and I am getting better results than ever before.

Dyna-Gro User

“We have been specifying Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro® for Suncrest Certified Growers for several years now.  Our customers absolutely love the flavor of our lettuce and leafy-green produce and I’m convinced it’s from the Foliage-Pro®nutrient blend.  And if you’re a grower, I highly recommend working with Dyna-Gro.”

Suncrest™ Certified Growers

I saw fantastic results in a very short time. My seedlings, vegetables, flowers and even roses have exhibited increased growth and bud formation.

Nursery user

For about 18 years we have been using many of the Dyna-Gro® nutrition & rooting solutions and Neem Oil at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. Probably 95 % of our plants get the 9-3-6 Foliage-Pro® plus Pro-TeKt® for added silicon. Our floriculture crops and award winning collections such as orchids, bonsai, tropicals, ferns, palms and bromeliads benefit greatly from the high quality and complete fertilizer formulas. We rarely experience nutrient issues, and our root rot problems have gone way down with the addition of Pro-TeKt® to our feed program. I would be a lost grower without the Dyna-Gro® products!

Paul Knuth, Horticulture Supervisor : Marjorie McNeely Conservatory

This company has exceptional employees. I have been very confused about many issues in my small green house, with various species and related issues for their care and culture. The gentleman I spoke to took his time explaining things in a manner I could grasp, and was genuinely interested in helping me have healthier, more productive plants. I am very excited and looking forward to the next few months… not discouraged any longer!

Dyna-Gro user


Dyna-Gro provides a full line of complete nutrient formulas with various N-P-K ratios as well as incomplete nutritional supplements to meet the unique needs of plants at certain stages of growth.  Based on research, including tissue analyses of a large variety of plants, our N-P-K ratios and supplements have been formulated to satisfy their nutritional requirements.  Our nutrient formulas are available in 8 oz., 32 oz., 1, 5, 15, 55 and 270-gallon sizes.

We source the finest technical grade natural elements from the richest deposits around the world, refined and formulated into complete one part concentrated solutions.  We have a goal to provide all growers, from beginner to professional, with the most complete plant nutrition solutions and supplements for use in all growing media.

Dyna-Gro The Nutrition Solution® are ideal for use in hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponics, and soil based media for all plants.  Dyna-Gro products do not create harmful salt build-up and can even be safely used in aquaria when properly diluted (1 tsp/10 gal).  Dyna-Gro’s single part nutrient solutions are easy to mix and use via injectors or other application methods.  Our cost efficient, highly concentrated solutions result in vigorous growth and blooming, higher yields, and reduce health risks and reentry constraints associated with pesticide use.

Thank you for growing with us and choosing Dyna-Gro The Nutrition Solution® as the sole source of nutrition for fast production of flowers, vegetables, and herbs! Dyna-Gro nutrition solutions are made in the USA, specifically Richmond,  CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  At Dyna-Gro, we take pride in providing excellent customer service with a knowledgeable team to support our customers any way we can.