Scientist Reveal What Cannabis Does to Your Bones


By Dr. Fateh Malik, October 4, 2017 Article originally published by USA Health Times A study was published by The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, conducted by researchers from Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University. This study showed that a chemical in marijuana, known as [...]

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Marijuana Can Help the Opioid Epidemic: with Dr. Oz


This past week Dr. Mehmet Oz announced on Fox News that he believes cannabis may be the ‘exit drug’ for the opioid crisis. Dr. Oz's statement mimics the findings within HelloMD's and UC Berkeley's study on cannabis use as a substitute for opioid pain medication. [...]

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The Vitamin B1 Myth


by Dave Neal, Dr. Dyna-Gro Plants manufacture auxins and hormones that are used to regulate their growth.  In many instances, supplying these hormones and auxins to plants can stimulate the growth of roots, foliage, regulate internodal spacing and promote flowering and fruiting.  While these occur [...]

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N-P-K Numbers by Dave Neal a.k.a. Dr. Dyna-Gro


What Do Those Numbers on the Fertilizer Label Mean? Most growers are aware that the three numbers on the fertilizer label refer to nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), respectively, but many do not know exactly what the numbers signify.  In general, they refer [...]

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Flower Parts and Functions


Have you ever wondered what makes a flower a flower?  Did you know that the flower is actually made up of female and male parts?  Yes, that is correct.  Many flowers have male parts and female parts.  We’ll start with the male part first. The male [...]

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Anatomy of the Leaf


The leaf is a good deal more complex than many would assume.  Their daily functions are spectacular and give us a lot of insight as to how a plant uses leaves to manufacture complex enzymes, proteins, vitamins, sugars, etc. from the  nutrients it takes up through [...]

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Anatomy of the Leaf pt. 2


The epidermis of the leaf has unique features that aid in the survival of the plant.  We are going to take a look into some of these unique features inside the lower epidermis of the leaf, starting with the outer protective layer of the epidermis.  It’s [...]

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