Technically, cloning is reproducing plants from tissue culture of plant cells. However, the term is loosely applied to propagation of plants by inducing root growth on cuttings. Cloning then, is taking a cutting (a branch or growing portion of the plant, including a few small leaves to aid growth) from a plant, and placing it in a medium and forcing it to develop roots, by applying rooting hormones, such as Dyna-Gro® K-L-N Concentrate™ or the Dyna-Gro® Root-Gel.® This cutting then becomes a new plant, identical to the “parent” plant (the plant from which the clone was taken). This gives us the first benefit of cloning, making many new plants from a single “mother” plant. This gives you a complete, uniform garden of only the most productive, disease resistant, pest resistant and healthiest plants.

Root Gel and K-L-N Concentrate both have (IBA) Indole-3-butyric acid and (NAA) 1-Naphthaleneacetic acid, rooting hormones that are needed to help jump-start your plant’s roots within 7-10 days. Root-Gel can be used for woody and harder to root cuttings, plants and trees. K-L-N on the other hand can be used for thinner, easy to root cuttings and plants.


Root-Gel and K-L-N both have shelf lives and will last about 6-9 months depending on date purchased, shipping, date purchased and preservation. Please see expiration date on your K-L-N and/or Root-Gel.