Dyna-Gro®, The Nutrition Solution® is now available to commercial growers at a wholesale rate!   Lower your cost-per-gram with our bulk sizes and pricing!  From 15 gallons containers to 275 gallon totes, we’ve got you covered.  You can qualify by making a minimum  purchase of only $1000.

A member of our sales team can use our cost calculator along with your current water usage to show just how much you can reduce production costs by using Dyna-Gro®. More details are included in our Commercial Grower Packet which we will email to you after filling out the application.

Start Saving with our Commercial Grower Program NOW!



Dyna-Gro® is specifically formulated for Cannabis!

Our founders have been involved in the cultivation, research and nutrition of Cannabis for more than 40 years. During the 1970’s they were growing outdoors in Northern California’s “Emerald Triangle,” later with indoor hydroponics, and for the past 35 years, providing complete nutrients for growers of Cannabis and a wide variety of other plants from commercial nurseries to home hobby growers.

Dyna-Gro® has analyzed dozens of Cannabis indica hybrid leaf tissue samples and their specific nutrient requirements.  Armed with the results of our research we increased the levels of many trace elements in the original Foliage-Pro® to more accurately meet the levels required for optimum plant growth for Cannabis.

Ensure your plants are the getting the proper ratio of nutrients for their stage of growth with Dyna-Gro®.