Welcome to the official ‘The Ultimate Growing Competition’ originally hosted by @Big Perm over at RollitUp.org

Dyna-Gro is now hosting a ‘run what ya’ brung’ type of grow competition open to everyone! The rules are very simple. So is winning! Anyone can play!
The dates are set so that people have time to get ready. (organic soil amendments, current grow, etc.) It is an 18 week growing competition. Your grow doesn’t have to go the full 18 weeks. In this competition it’s not all about size. You can win with a single plant, or with 100+ plants.

Your entire grow will be judged by the other players on a scale of 1-100 at four different times during the competition. All votes will be PM’d to me, and all scores will be hidden until the end. The person with the highest score at the end wins. This will encompass grading criteria such as deficiency problems, watering, nute burn, plant appearance, transitions, bud appearance, visual yield, difficulty of grow, overall technique, etc. The better you do overall, the better your score will be at the end of the competition.


  1. Enter by posting here BEFORE March 15th  that you are entering the competition.
  2. Entry closes and the competition begins on March 15th.
  3. Seeds get wet, or clones get taken on March 15 with pics posted by 11:59pm PST.
  4. You have 18 weeks to grow however you would like.
  5. The competition ends on July 19 at 12:00pm PST.
  6. You claim the number of plants that you are going to run by March 15th 11:59pm PST.
  7. Votes will be taken July 20th-24th.
  8. Winners named after the votes are tallied.


  1. No plant # minimum or maximum
  2. Indoor only
  3. Limited to one grow. You can move your grow around from room to room, but it must be the same grow.
  4. You cannot start your grow over, or swap out any plants. You get one shot.
  5. Open to all cannabis plants
  6. Open to any growing medium, or none.
  7. Open to all training techniques.
  8. Open to any light source.
  9. Open to any light cycle and any veg / flower time.
  10. Open to anything unless stated otherwise here.
  11. Over the time of the grow, you must explain at least once your setup to include lighting, nutrients used, media, and technique. This is a requirement!


  1. Each player will be assigned a number on March 15th.
  2. Your number must be displayed in physical form in every photo (written on a piece of paper or something. Not digitally typed over the photo!)
  3. If your # is not in the photo in physical form the post will be deleted, as it is a violation of the rules of this competition.


  1. Photos will be required on a weekly basis.
  2. If your assigned# is not in the photo in physical form the post will be deleted, as it is a violation of the rules of this competition
  3. You are free to post any time you would like as long as one week does not pass between photos.
  4. Any player not posting a pic for more than one week will be disqualified.
  5. You are encouraged to post as many pics as you like as long as your number is physically in each photo.


  1. With all of the confusion about the voting system, and the ‘hidden mysteries’ behind it, it has now changed.
  2. The players are the judges for everything.
  3. There will be one open vote for the winner at the end.
  4. Votes will be taken July 20th-24th.
  5. Winners named after the votes are tallied.
  6. Runner up is 2nd, next is 3rd.
  7. You cannot vote for yourself.
  8. Players will hold others accountable for getting pics in on time; making sure others have their numbers in their pics; for suspecting cheating, etc..


Anyone suspected of cheating will be disqualified only after a vote has been taken from the other players. Majority rules.

  • Three ways to get disqualified:
    1. Don’t post a pic with your number in it in over a week.
    2. Cheat.
    3. Don’t vote at the end.

If you are not being followed by Dyna-Gro, you are not in the competition.

I can clarify any rules if needed at any time. Please tag me to do so.


If you have a product you would like to donate to the pot, please contact us HERE.