The concept behind Dyna-Gro is simple: We provide a highly concentrated product that contains all 16 essential elements in one solution including calcium.  Our competitors are not able to offer calcium in their products because it will combine into insoluble forms which are not available to plants.  In most cases, they also omit magnesium and sulfur and sometimes many important trace elements like nickel, cobalt, chlorine, and sodium.  We offer these complete solutions in a variety of N-P-K ratios to be applied in the different stages of the plant’s life cycle.

The proper ratio of each of Dyna-Gro, nutrient depends on the crop and the stage of growth (look on the label for specific recommendations for different crops).

  • For seeds, cuttings, or delicate seedlings – use ½ – 1 tsp. GROW or Foliage-Pro  to 1-gallon water.
  • For the vegetative stage of growth – use 1 tsp. GROW or Foliage-Pro to 1-gallon water.
  • For late vegetative to the pre-bloom stage – use ½ tsp. GROW  or  ½ tsp Foliage-Pro and 1 Tsp. BLOOM nutrient to 1-gallon water.
  • For bloom initiation to ripening stage – use 1 tsp. of BLOOM to 1-gallon water.
  • See Dyna-Gro feed chart for more advanced growing techniques.

Pro-TeKt is introduced first into the mixing tank/container then add ¾ of the intended volume of water. Finally, add the other nutrients and top off with the remaining volume of water. Because a very high pH is required to keep Pro-TeKt concentrate in solution, it is important to fully dilute it before adding other Dyna-Gro nutrient solutions which have low pH.  Mixing the two concentrates without first diluting them will turn Pro-TeKt into a lump of silica gel!

Top off your reservoir with water between adding of nutrients if you have a dissolved solids meter that reads ppm or EC to measure the level of dissolved solids in the hydroponic system. Dyna-Gro recommends for best practices to empty and refill your reservoir with a fresh solution at a maximum of  2 – 3-week intervals.  If you are seeing your PPM levels drop below 400 PPM (subtracting the water’s natural PPM), you should add more Dyna-Gro. If you do not have the means to test the level of dissolved solids, add the appropriate amount of nutrients to the volume of water before adding it to the reservoir. When you drain your reservoir, give your landscape plants, vegetable garden and lawn a treat by feeding them with the dilute solution that you are replacing!

Yes. The reservoir should be drained and rinsed every 7-14 days, depending upon plant size and nutrient usage. It should definitely be drained and cleaned whenever you change the nutrient ratio formula.

There are many variables on how often to check your reservoir: type of system, evaporation rate, size of plants, stage of plant growth, etc. It is wise to check every day until you determine the rate at which your plants are consuming your nutrient solution. Remember, as your plants get larger, they will be taking up increased amounts of water daily.