GROW™ 7-9-5

GROW 7-9-5  is an all-purpose complete nutrition formula containing all 6 essential macronutrients and all 10 essential micronutrients that every plant needs.  It is used to promote both foliage and bloom growth.  GROW is urea free and won’t burn your plants.  GROW supplies a high nitrate to ammoniacal nitrogen ratio to promote shorter internodal spacing resulting in stronger stems.  It will insure healthy leaf and stem growth.  It is ideal for poor, rocky soils, hydroponics and container grown plants.  Note that hydroponics, in a broad sense, is growing without soil (dirt as you would find in your garden).  Therefore, it is important to know that when you are growing in a container, the medium, whether coir or peat based is not soil.  It provides no nutrients and, accordingly, is a form of hydroponics!  GROW or other complete nutrients from Dyna-Gro are essential for maintaining healthy plants in any soilless medium.  It is a rapid cure for nutrient deficiencies and helps replenish lost minerals in poor and depleted soils.  Spend less time and money measuring and tweaking products with  incomplete, watered-down fertilizers.  GROW is the one single complete formula for all growers on all plants.

Available Sizes


  • Hydroponics: Mix 2 – 3 tsp. per gal. of water for recirculating systems or 1 – 2 tsp. per gal. for non-recirculating systems depending upon growing conditions.
  • Siphon Mixer: (1:15 ratio) Mix 2 – 4 fl. oz. per gallon of water for a concentrate feed solution.
  • Irrigation Injector: (1:100 ratio) Mix 10 – 18 fl. oz. per gallon of water to make an injectable concentrate.
  • Foliar Application: Mix ¼ – ½ tsp. per gallon of water and spray directly of leaves.
  • For outdoor applications in soil, feed 1 – 2 tsp/gal with every watering.


Recommended Crops: GROW 7-9-5 is excellent on all indica, hybrid, and sativa strains.

Total Nitrogen (N) ……. 7.0%*
Ammoniacal (NH4)……. 2.6%
Nitrate (NO3) …………. 4.4%
Phosphorus (P2O5) …… 9.0%*
Potassium (K2O) ……… 5.0%*
Calcium (Ca) ………….. 2.0%*
Magnesium (Mg) …. 0.5%*
Sulfur (S) …………. 0.05%
Boron (B) …………. 0.02%*
Chlorine (Cl) ……… 0.1%*
Cobalt (Co) ……….. 0.0015%*
Copper (Cu) ………. 0.05%*
Iron (Fe) ……………. 0.1%*
Manganese (Mn) ….. 0.05%*
Molybdenum (Mo) … 0.0009%*
Nickel (Ni) …………. 0.0001%
Sodium (Na) ……….. 0.1%*
Zinc (Zn) ……..…….. 0.05%*

*Nutrients marked with an asterisk (*) are guaranteed in all states.   The other minerals are at concentration levels which are ideal to achieve optimum crop growth but may be below levels to satisfy the labeling requirements of some state fertilizer laws.

“Dyna-Gro! Foliage-Pro®, Pro-TeKt®, and K-L-N Concentrate .  If you’re not using Dyna-Gro you’re spending more and getting less!  Best thing since CO2 and sliced bread! The results are unequivocal.  I spend less than I ever have and my plants are healthier than I’ve ever seen anywhere and yields are up as well.”

“I’ve been using Dyna-Gro GROW for a couple of weeks now.  The difference is dramatic.  Plants are much greener, and my garden has really taken off.  The way things are going, I expect a record crop.  I’m applying GROW through an EZ-FLO 3/4 Gallon Hose Bib Fertilizing Injection System that goes between the hose bib and the hose.  Highly recommended.”

“I probably have 10 different brands and types of fertilizers.  I kept reading on the forums about how good this stuff is.  It is Amazing stuff.  Just a week after the first use I have new growth.  And the leaves have that nice cup shape that often indicates perfect balance.  You can make over 100 gallons from just 1 quart.”

“Complications, additional requirements and strict feeding requirements left my plants looking like stray cats with mange.  I eventually went back to ‘finishing off’ my Dyna-Gro products (GROW , BLOOM , Pro-Tekt®) and low and behold, with no effort beyond basic watering, my ladies went from sickly to sophisticated almost overnight.  It’s been about 4 weeks since I added this product to the basic three and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Dyna-Gro does it all, and for those of us with busy professional lives, it makes caring for our plants quick and easy.”

“I’m not the kind of guy who writes manufacturers of any type; this is a first.  I just wanted to tell you I have been using your product for over 20 years now and wanted to let you know how satisfied I am.  In this age of ridiculous 14 part nutrient systems that contain rare comet pixie dust and gland of walrus extract, I have to laugh.  Many of my friends ask me how my medical grows are so fantastic, with massive size, no discoloring and fantastic taste.  They ask what expensive nutrients I use, and I laugh.  I use Dyna-Gro   GROW   for veg and Dyna-Gro  BLOOM for flowering with these complicated instructions:  Shake bottle well, fill up a capfull for each gallon, done.  I have made many converts; you may have to cut me in on some coupons or such some day (lol).  Anyway, just wanted to give you an ‘ataboy’.  Take care and keep up the quality product.  Adam.”