Root-Gel®  is a unique gel used to promote root formation in the propagation of cuttings.  It contains both IBA and NAA hormones plus the right amount of essential minerals in a water soluble gel to get cuttings off to a great start.  Root-Gel® applies quickly, easily and thoroughly, surrounding the cutting with a thick coating of protective nutrient gel.  Dip or apply gel and place in rooting or growing medium.  After the coated cutting is inserted into your growing medium, the Root-Gel® spreads into the surrounding medium to serve as a temporary root system for the cutting.  Refer to the product info sheet below for more detailed information on how to use Root-Gel®.  See Root-Gel® label for more directions.


Available Sizes


Cuttings: Take a sterile spoon and scoop Root-Gel® onto a sterile dish, then dip cutting.  If using the entire container, dip cutting into gel.  Place in a hole of the rooting medium to avoid rubbing Root-Gel® off cutting.   

Recommended Crops: Recommended for cannabis and other plants.

  • Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) …………. 0.216%
  • 1-Napthaleneacetic acid (NAA) ……. 0.027%
  • Other Ingredients ………………… 99.757%

“This product has about a 95% success rate for me.  As good as, if not better than Clonex and costs less!  Great product.”

“Easy to use and very effective.  Cuttings root easily and I would recommend this product for easiest rooting prep.”

“I love this gel for rooting my flowers, it is thick and stays on the plant unlike the powder.  I have 99% success with this product.  I recommend this product to all gardeners who like to root their own flowers.”

“The gel clings to the cuttings and seems to do a great job with a much better success rate than using rooting powders.  A little goes a very long way.”