Don Smith, John Taylor, Dave Neal, Smart Cannabis, Dyna-Gro, Greenhouseby Stephanie Rudat

SACRAMENTO, CA — (April 4, 2018)  Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) has entered into an agreement with Dyna-Gro®, manufacturer of  “The Nutrition Solution®,” a liquid nutrient concentrate for optimal plant growth.

Dyna-Gro® is a longtime, leading producer of scientifically developed and tested concentrated liquid nutrient formula which uniquely contain all 17 essential mineral nutrients required by all plants to flourish. Smart Cannabis’ primary subsidiary, Next Generation Farming, will perform tests using Dyna-Gro® nutrients along with its proprietary SMARTAPP remote application controls in its state-of-the-art cannabis production greenhouses. Horticultural technicians at Next Generation Farming will be applying the Dyna-Gro® products via their automated nutrient mixing and application systems to evaluate the performance of Dyna-Gro® nutrients in conjunction with the sophisticated Next Generation Farming SMARTAPP. This exercise will provide Next Generation Farming with extensive data regarding the performance of Dyna-Gro® cutting-edge nutritional products being used in an automated, remote greenhouse scenario. Those insights will inform modifications needed to further refine the SMARTAPP so Next Generation Farming customers are soon able to use the remote automated system while also leveraging the value of Dyna-Gro® nutrients in an automated setting.

In addition, Next Generation Farming will be recommending and re-selling Dyna-Gro® nutritional solutions, Foliage-Pro® and Bloom as well as its supplemental nutrient formulas Pro-TeKt® and Mag-Pro®, to all of its cannabis and agriculture greenhouse customers.

According to John Taylor, President of Smart Cannabis and Next Generation Farming, “We are especially excited about our strategic relationship with Dyna-Gro® because they have been producing top-of-the-line nutrients for over 35 years and are one of the most respected names in organic nutrients for growing agriculture and cannabis. Our own data shows that Dyna-Gro® nutrients consistently produce better yields which, in turn, results in a more natural cultivation method and saves money. By integrating their nutritional products into our crops controlled by the Next Generation Farming SMARTAPP, we’ll be able to remove the guesswork in nutrient application for customers. The entire growing process will be remotely automated and will also provide the farmer with detailed measurements on exactly what the plant is receiving. This technology, in combination with Dyna-Gro® nutrients, is the next logical step in optimizing agriculture automation.”