Love this product
January 19, 2016

healthy plantI love, love, love this product! I have a two year old Meyer lemon tree named John Lemmon. John's leaves began to yellow and drop. He was in bad shape, John was dying. 🙁 this miracle product was recommended by the wonderful lemon where I purchased John from. This product saved John's life! John is sprouting new leaves and is a happy fellow again.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
*Update 4-16*
Jon Lemmon is doing great! I strongly recommend this wonderful product!

pr customer
July 13, 2017

This thing is amazing. Brought back a nearly dead pepper plant and it's now growing healthier and faster than ever! (Also corrected a lot of nutrient deficiencies around the garden) The pepper plant has vigorous, healthy, deep green growth everywhere and is sprouting new shoots and leaves like crazy, now accompanied with a lot of flower buds. After seeing what this product did I went ahead and bought a gallon of their Pro-Tekt and Bloom variants. Will be feeding the pepper plant with the bloom nutrients when the temperatures drop a bit as I live in Puerto Rico and peppers don't produce too many pods in the summer heat, so now I'll just keep the plant concentrated on vegetarive growth. I recommend this to anyone 🙂

Excellent product, helped peach tree
everything plants
December 8, 2017

Excellent stuff. Revitalized my sickly looking peach tree. The tree had been kept in a pot and was skinny with sparse leaves. After a few dosages and two months time, I have a healthy looking tree. See before and after pics.
I dosed my plants every other week for two months with one entire cap full and their regular watering.

Great product
October 17, 2017

healthy plantsMy bonsai tree leaves were turning brown and started to fall off. I was skeptical on the product initially. But after a few week new leaves started to grow and the product works!

I usually kill everything, but my bonsai is flourishing!
Mark L. Barie
April 26, 2018

bonsai treehappy plantBought my first bonsai, which is a Brazilian Rain Tree. I have a Black Thumb of Death and kill every plant I touch within weeks, but two months later and my tree is sprouting new growth and looking healthy, thanks to this fertilizer. I add one tsp to a gallon of spring water and water heavily every morning (I'm in FL, and the tree is outside getting direct sunlight for about half the day). It's a tiny bottle but will last a very long time, since it takes so little. Now I have to figure out how to prune and shape it because things are getting a bit crazy, but I'm scared to jinx myself!
Bonus-my new hibiscus, whose days are likely numbered, seems to benefit from this fertilizer as well. A Last Supper, if you will.

I couldn’t be happier
w max lizotte
February 12, 2016

I was introduced to Dyna-Gro products a couple of years ago by an acquaintance as an easy system for plant management. I was quickly seduced by the other big name brands like 'fox ' and 'food for the ' and others. You know what I'm talking about. But complications and additional requirements and strict feeding requirements left my plants looking like stray cats with mange. I eventually went back to 'finishing off' my Dyna-Gro products (Grow, Bloom, ProTekt) and lo and behold, with no effort beyond basic watering my ladies went from sickly to sophisticated almost over night. It's been about 4 weeks since I added this product to the basic three and I couldn't be happier with the results. Dyna-Gro does it all, and for those of us with busy professional lives, it makes caring for our plants quick and easy.

Competes with the best for a fraction of the cost
October 28, 2016

I cant say enough about the Dyna Gro line. Their Bloom formula is great with one exception. The N value is too low for certain plants so you'll want to watch for nitrogen deficiencies and change your regiment to fit. I personally use this for blooming mixed with their Grow formula (2 parts bloom 1 part grow) which I've found to be a perfect fit for my needs. The Dyna Gro brand is the only nutrient formula that is all inclusive of all the essential macro and micro nutients. No I don't work for dyna gro I've just tested about 12 different brands and for price/results this is by far the best out there. Do a side by side with dyna gro vs anything and you'll jump on the band wagon too. I've done a side by side 5 times and I'm convinced. Yes there are brands like Advanced that with multiple bottles and enormous cost compare to Dyna gro but dyna gro is very concentrated and is roughly 30% cheaper. Between the Bloom and Grow I'm using 1.5 tsp per 55 gallons.

House plants will love it
Jim Scoggins
January 31, 2018

Get this, and your houseplants will love you. I had four plants sitting around the house looking generally unhealthy/unhappy. I gave them a light feeding with this product, and in a very short time 3 of the four have cranked out new growth and leaves. All in mid-January so, pretty impressive!  You may not need a large bottle as a little goes a long way even though I am sure that it would work wonders in the springtime flower garden and the vegetable garden.

Happy plant bomb smoke
September 27, 2017

Great stuff.. plants love it..

Super boost for your flowers, it really works honestly
Rita M. Simone
July 27, 2016

Wow your flowers will flourish when you give them a drink of this, mix it with water as per instructions and just sit back and watch 'em grow. Have bought plants that looked like they are going to drop dead and this stuff bring them back to life. Bought a Queen Elizabeth rose from big box store they hadn't watered the roses they were all so dry but I had to have her (being a Brit and all) her leaves were hanging down, no buds at all. Nursed her back and she gave me one beautiful rose. I know that next year she will give me a bounty of flowers. You need so little because it goes a long way when you follow directions. So give your flowers a drink of this you will be amazed. Simone, Milford, Ct.

Very Nice Stuff
The Tomato Man
August 24, 2015
This fertilizer is super. It promotes very healthy flowering with enough Nitrogen in it to make large fruit without deformation. This is a very effective concentrate that leaves virtually no salts or residue behind. Use as directed on label, every time you water. It only takes one or two watering's to completely flush the plants of any trace of chemicals. My watermelon vines have never looked, or produced as good they are this year using the Dyna-grow Bloom formula Highly reccomend this product.
Works great. My orchids are growing new roots!
Loyal Customer
January 29, 2016

This product works great . I had an orchid that had all of its roots rotted and wasn't looking good. After two weeks I've noticed new roots growing. It's been a month now and is doing very well!

One of the KEY ingredients for propagating seedlings and cuttings!
Billal Murtaza
February 16, 2018

Most rooting hormone products only have 1 type of hormone which is IBA but not the second which is NAA. KLN by Dyna-Gro has both IBA and NAA rooting hormones. On top of that, it's also the only one that is already in liquid form. Makes it super easy to mix into a feeding solution. This is a must-have for a serious grower!

Works well
May 2, 2018

Easy, 10 ml per gallon for cuttings.healthy roots

Dyna Grow success
the Tomato Man
August 24, 2015

The 7 is the pivotal number here. It takes about 7% nitrogen to make a plant "jump". This fertilizer will certainly do that and more. Dyna Grow has scored again with this concentrate that makes your plants green and lush without stretching them un naturally. Miracle grow is the dark ages now as the heavy salts, heavy mix, nuking of your plants should cease immediately. Use this every time you water for spectacular results. For awesome results follow up with the bloom formula from Dyna-Grow,and be satisfied.It may be too late now for your sweet corn, but I guarantee you the best crop ever next year if you use this product. Dyna-Grow has the Tomato Man seal of excellence, you can't lose when you purchase this product.

The Best
July 7, 2009

This is the very best overall fertilizer I and my friends (I share) have ever used. It's highly concentrated, excellent for hanging baskets, and the flowers living under the baskets go crazy from just the drippings of it. And, roses LOVE it too!

Was skeptical
Mark Fisher
June 8, 2015

I was very skeptical at first but when I repotted my trees this year, the root systems had increased dramatically from the year before. Definitely good stuff.

A little goes a long way
April 11, 2016
I was able to cover 1,000 sq. ft of grass 2+ times with one bottle of this product. Depending on how dark you want your grass, you can get more out of this product. It covers very well and has a realistic look depending on the amount of color you use to water.
Thicker Gel than the Clonex
October 30, 2017

works great, beats the Clonex Gel I think, it is a thicker gel so it sticks better and it it has 2 ingredients where most only have 1. got 100 percent success rate now. and it is cheaper so WIN win. It is a Green Gel. Dyna-Grow makes great products for less money cant be happier.

Best product for cuttings
Becky Burke
February 8, 2014

I had learned about this product when I attended a weekend at Logee's greenhouse in Conn over 10 years ago. This gel allows me better success with getting my cuttings to root than the powders available at most garden centers.

The gel clings to the cuttings and seems to do a great job with a much better success rate than using …
Adrian Sebborn
July 4, 2015

This stuff really works. The gel clings to the cuttings and seems to do a great job with a much better success rate than using rooting powders. A little goes a vey long way.